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Sr. # Description of type of consultation required Fees in * Per Plan
1 Full Layout (plan) of Residence as per Vaastu Shastra. Symbol of Indian Rupees 9,000
2 Full Layout (plan) of Office, Clinic, Saloon, Cafe, Retail and Wholesale business as per Vastu Shastra. Symbol of Indian Rupees 4,500
3 Full Layout (plan) of Hospital, Educational Institute, Shopping Complex, Jewellery Shop as per Vaastu Shastra. Symbol of Indian Rupees 20,700
4 To change any existing plan as per Vaastu Shastra. Symbol of Indian Rupees 4,500
5 To make interior changes according to Vastu Shastra of any given layout. Symbol of Indian Rupees 3,000
6 Vaastu of any particular area of residence; such as master bed room, kitchen, guest room, kids room etc. Symbol of Indian Rupees 1,100
7 For every single question/query about Vaasthu effects and defects. Symbol of Indian Rupees 900
8 For Remedies without changing any external or internal arrangements. (Depending on the type of Vastu Dosh). Symbol of Indian Rupees 2,100
9 Vaastu for children's room for any particular Dosh like: not getting good grades in examination, delay in marriage and more. Symbol of Indian Rupees 900
*Conditions apply 
Civil Engineer by qualification, an Interior Designer / Faculty by profession and Vaastu Shastra Consultant...
Any query related to Vaastu / Vastu or Interior Design or Architectural Design vaastuguru@vedicvaastu.com
Any problem / query / broken-link related to website webmaster@vedicvaastu.com
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